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With over 30 years of excellence, we are a team of orthodontists who wish to make a difference in people’s lives. We offer one of the most affordable and experienced dental services in the country. We take time to know our patients and listen to their dental concerns carefully before assessing the treatment plan. We strive to build the most customer-oriented clinic in the country.

Our team of experts are serene with all patients, young and old and care for you with a calm approach. Dental care does not end in the clinic. It starts and ends with you. Hence, we take every measure to make our dental procedures last as long as possible. You are sure to receive wholesome care from our experts. Book an online appointment or call Emergency Dentist Gladesville now.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be scary if you don’t know where to go or whom to call. These are dental problems that require immediate treatment from orthodontists. These may be cracked tooth or having a tooth knocked out due to an injury.

If you get tooth abscesses due to prolonged neglection of your cavities, you can get severe toothache, facial swelling, etc. you need immediate medical attention.

You can also get a dental emergency from soft tissue injuries such as a bitten tongue or lip. It is best to start to clean the area with clear cold water, stop the bleeding, and visit the clinic as soon as possible. For all kinds of dental emergencies, Emergency Dentist Ryde is ready to help you any time of the day, any day of the week. We give you urgent treatment for emergencies as such.

Types of Common Dental Emergencies

  1. Tooth abscess
  2. Cracked tooth
  3. Accidental removal of tooth
  4. Bleeding from gums
  5. Bleeding from tongue or lip
  6. Shooting pain from gums

 Non-Emergency Dental Problems

Many dental situations are not considered emergencies. One of them is a cavity. Though these are non-emergency problems, you should ideally visit the dentist soon enough. It is because cavities can easily turn into painful, puss-filled situations, which you should avoid at all cost. You can call our clinic to schedule a visit with your dentist within the first week.

 Our Aim 

We have improved our techniques with years of experience. Hence, our clinic is unlike any other. Our techniques of cosmetic and restorative dentistry are unique. All the types of equipment we use are world-class. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics and children’s dentistry as well. Hence, your entire family will be in good hands with us.

Emergency Dentist Gladesville is ready to assist all existing patients as well as new faces. All the techniques are standardized and got through many rigorous tests to prove our excellence. Above all, our warm treatment and affordable prices make us a deal-breaker. Fall in love with the professionalism and care you receive from our doctors. Please book an appointment and visit us now.

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