Advantages of bleaching
Bleaching is ideal for undamaged teeth that only need lightening in colour. Once the custom-made tray has been fitted, you are able to do the bleaching at home, and the tray can be re-used later.
The upper and lower teeth can be bleached.
Approved tooth-bleaching products are safe to use.

Disadvantages of bleaching
Care needs to be taken so that the bleach does not come into prolonged contact with the gums. This may cause short-term irritation or burning.
If your teeth are very sensitive, or if you have gum disease or worn teeth, bleaching may not be suitable.
Some over-the-counter preparations are very abrasive, and although they work in the short term, they can damage teeth over the long term. Dentists do not recommend these treatments.
Some white fillings may need to be replaced after bleaching.
Some teeth do not bleach evenly.

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